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"Trauma informed therapy is a specialized approach geared towards healing from childhood trauma, Complex PTSD, addictions and eating disorders. At the heart of this approach is the belief that we can all work towards achieving a sense of grounding, healing and hope."       -Joanna Iwona Potkanska


Depression, anxiety and overall distress can arise out of various types of trauma and manifest in both mind and body. Feeling overwhelmed and disconnected, we can lose our sense of perspective, battling to cope through addictions, compulsions, fears, worries and eating disorders. It can be difficult to remain centered under these circumstances. Stacked up against life, we look to locate a sense of stability which can be elusive. Learning how to become grounded allows for clarity of thought and mind. The role of therapy is to help establish this foundation for healing.

The journey of the lotus is symbolic of our own evolution. The lotus seed can lay dormant for years, awaiting appropriate conditions to thrive. Its roots deeply embedded in mud, it struggles to reach its destination, eventually flowering atop the water. Like the lotus, we possess a drive to break through our trauma and the murky circumstances of life, we just require the correct conditions to do so. The safety of the therapeutic relationship facilitates this journey and serves as the space where powerful change, growth and healing take shape.



​Hope is embedded within our spirit. Without hope, we cannot see the promise of a better tomorrow. Reconnected to ourselves, our bodies and our minds, we can hold a sense of empowerment, becoming active agents and decision makers of our lives. Through grounding, healing and hope, we can rebuild, reconfigure and move forward.

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